Saturday, 24 December 2011

4th Anniversary & few updates.

22nd Dec 2007 ~ 2011.

It's our 4th Anniversary!

No picture this year because we didn't got the chance to celebrate it.
The kids are unwell.
 Hopefully they will get better soon.

I got a PC as my anniversary gift.

The best gift ever!
Both my laptops are dying and I have been online using my phone since the last few months.
That explain why I didn't even bother about the spider webs building up in this diary of mine. Truly sorry dear..

Teddy just got back from China last month
and he'd been assigned to Sweden 2 weeks later for another vehicle test.
He's been there for 3 weeks and got back here last Sunday.

While he was away..
I gathered lots of pictures of the kids..
and put it in an album ~ 3 weeks without daddy.

28th Nov 2010 ~ 2011.

It has been a year we live here!
Our sweet little casa.
I am glad we are finally home.
It was dusty and wild grass is growing rapidly between the pebbles outside.
I didn't dare to check out the lawn behind our house as it is now starting to look like a jungle.


She's 9 months old now.

Jumpy, active little girl ..
and she never fails to melt my heart
every time she put a smile on that pretty little face.

She crawls every where.
Mouth every things..
and freaks out when she didn't see me.

Yesterday I just found out her 1st tooth has just popped out!


He is certainly a fine young man now.
A caring big brother.
His vocab is getting better and can communicate clearly now.
Malay is his 1st language and I still need to teach him English words.
He can counts until 10 and recognize letters in image form.
Eg : He saw 'SAMSUNG' advertising and suddenly he said that is Mommy's phone!

Being more independent by days
and started to gain more confidence.
He started to build friendships and that really made me proud of him.
I used to be so worried that he will always be under my arms,
scared to stand on his own.
He proves me wrong, big time!

My blog is finally updated.
Via new pc.. of course.
Thanks my dear Teddy.
We love you so much.

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