Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Happy birthday!

My dear diary,

Happy birthday to you..

Thank you for being loyal to me for the last 3 years.
Since we share the same birthday, I would like to tell you about my birthday also.

Don't worry diary..

I'm not hating my birthday anymore.
I'm happy to celebrate it with my hubby by side.

He gave me a delicious chocolate cake, flowers & birthday card.
You want to know what special about the card?
It has a kitten picture in front of it
(remind me of our cats back in Malaysia. I miss them badly!)
& inside he wrote..

Translation: You want a present? Here is a perfume for you..
(pointing to the object that looks like a bottle of perfume)
Sign: Teddy

I burst out with laughter when I read the card.
He's so cute! My hubby is just way too cute!
He knew how much I love perfume.. but just didn't know which one I prefer the best.
I chose Escada Moon Sparkle!
It was a hard decision between Anna Sui, CK, Britney Spears Fantasy & Escada.
I love fruity-delicious-sweet smell & have been using
Strawberry, Dewberry (body shop), Bedelicious (DKNY) & Burberry before this.

Happy Birthday to my dear & only sister.. Ilyani.
We share the same date but different year.
(16 April 1980/1983).
Okay, my age is not a secret anymore.. hehe

At the same time..
I got a message from my mom -

"Your cat gave birth to 3 kittens!"

Dear Diary,
Now we share our birthday with them, ok?

Please remember this date ~ 16 April.

P/s : Special thanks to Elyana (for the advance bday wish),

Shu, Ayun, Siput, Mimi, Siput, Konjunk, Nia, Bulat, Linz.. etc. etc.
& everyone for the birthday wish.

Thanks to A'an for this lovely birthday gift. I really love it!

3 stalker (s):

  • agenda sepit baju

    x aci...hadiah besday saya x masuk lam ni...hahaha :p...

    happy birthday cik!!!
    i lebiu...:D

  • pinky angel

    hahaha.. maceh cik a'an!!

    i lebiu too..

    adiah bday cik menyusul kemudian.

  • RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla

    uit cik kak...happy belated birthday...!
    hehee good news...aku tak pergi mane2 1-2nd may kalau nak dtg sila la sila la...hehehe..
    i know...dreams always seems to be far-fetched , however we did it in the end...

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