Monday, 4 August 2008

Sizzling Yee Mee & homegrown strawberry

Carrying your first baby is not a simple task. Every mother should knows this fact. I'm not lucky enough to escape from morning sickness and depression during pregnancy. My body was too weak during the first trimester and being quarantine at home is absolutely not my choice. Our trip to Scotland was canceled I have to be on my bed all the time.

I'm a clingy & spoiled wife. Yes, I don't deny it. Despite of being weak all the time, it's great to have Teddy as my hubby. Let's look at the bright site. Teddy did most of the cooking now (why? ..because almost all Malaysian dish will start with onion & garlic). Didn't I told you earlier, the smell of the kitchen made me sick? I can't smell garlic, onion, cooked meat, fish, prawns.. etc. etc. etc. All of the sudden I became a vegetarian.

Teddy became a good cook. He made a variety of foods and some of them were 'soto' (complete with 'nasi impit' and 'begedil'), 'ayam masak kunyit' (chicken tumeric), tomyam, paprik (Thai food), bihun soup, stir fried mix vege, 'sambal kupang' (mussels with chillies), porridge.. etc. etc. etc.

My food craving didn't end there. Last weekend, I ask Teddy to make a chinese food, 'sizzling yee mee' for me. I did help actually (finding the recipe on the net). hehe..

Here are some pictures. It came out very good and the taste was as good as the one sold at Giant, Puchong. hehe.. Thanks Teddy! Next week boleh order lagi..

It is harvesting time for our homegrown strawberry. One of the fruit has ripen and we were so excited about that. We will never get this chance to grow our own strawberry back in Malaysia (unless if we buy a home somewhere in Cameron Highland).

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  • hazman

    lama sangat saya tak lawat ur blog ni..after get your msg in my blog..then baru saya dah tau awk dah kawin...TAHNIAH sesangat dari tumpang gembira dan doaakan awk bahagia...mmy sy dah yakin dalam hati..dialah lelaki terbaik untuk awk...bila teringat email awk tau dia akan jd hubby awk..skrg dah nak jadi mama kenduri bulan 11 ni..awk antar adress kat email jemput awk sekeluarga...

  • pinky angel

    congrats for ur upcoming wedding. saya ada email ke dulu? tak ingat lak. hehe..
    by the way, address saya dah email dah. Jemput, jangan tak jemput! ;)

  • RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla

    wow...kelass...tak sangka isa boleh alarm on lagi tak kali ni?

  • pinky angel

    hahhaha.. ni la time dia nk tunjuk skill. skang kalo dia masak, aku make sure suma tingkap bukak.. takde lg fire alarm. hehe

  • budak kechik

    hehe shweetnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...this is better than Sabah babe! :)

  • pinky angel

    hehe.. ko berkasih sayang kat sabah. aku berkasih sayang kat rumah je babe.. hehe

  • lily lotus

    bestnya dia..u're such a lucky girl! hehehee..hargailah the sweet moment..hikss

  • pinky angel

    Thanks! You're lucky too.. Blessed with a (new) home, full of love..

  • Yazid Husain

    aq dah kembali menulis. aq dah lengkapkan malaysia dengan resminya

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