Thursday, 16 April 2009

Happy birthday!!

Hey Diary..

Happy 4th birthday to you! (16 April 2005)

Happy 29th birthday to my elder sister, Ilyani (16 April 1980)

Happy 18th birthday to my brother in law, Adi (16 April 1991)

Happy 1st birthday to my 3 nyanyaws (16 April 2008)

Happy birthday to all 16 April babies
..including Yee Chuan, Eileen, Syahir, etc..


and Happy 16th Birthday to me (16 April 1983)

(16th? Yess.. after some 'discount'. Hehe)

I'm another year younger.. ;)

Thanks Teddy for the lovely chocolate cake
and the best gift ever

our little bundle of joy
..Little Kimi

Love you guys so much!

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