Tuesday, 22 November 2005


u know ur addicted to anime when..

1. u can't stop watching it (bantai 3 hari 3 mlm sekurang2 nye)
2. ur housemates complaint bout the slow internet connection (u download more than 10 episodes of anime per day) ~ if u r using poor+stupid+bodo punye router mcm kat umah ni.
3. if u don't have internet connection, u'll be begging ur frens to download/burn/lend it to u
4. u bought a min 80GB harddisk juz for storing all ur anime collection
5. u r glued to ur comp screen (u eat in front of it, sleep, study, u don't talk 2 anyone, don't want 2 get out from the house, etc.)
6. u talk bout the character u love, use it as ur desktop wallpaper, myspace/frenster background pics.
7. get really excited when u find someone who love anime as much as u do
8. u can speak/understand some 'nippon' words. nan da yo..??
9. u sign up for the anime's fan club
10. urghhh... ok! dah abis download. chioww.. (nak tgk anime!!!!!)

9 stalker (s):

  • mental muz

    i think i have syndrome no 1,2,4,5 and 8. 5 over 10 am i addicted? demmit!!

  • pinky angel

    number 6,7,9 are mostly for girls.. hahahhaaa...

    since ur not a gurl, sahla ur addicted!! go get some help

  • Wong Ah Beng

    Urotsukodoji: Legend Of The Overfiend

    download this anime...go!go!


  • pinky angel

    no pliz, noooo!!!! no more suggestion plizz... oh gosh ah beng, u r very the jahat one.

  • la femme √©crivain

    nasiblaa aku x addicted..only addicted to naruto,which is full of fillers only lately!errgghh!

    kakashi is damn sexy,turned on by him when he was half-naked by the hot spring..hhmm..

  • pinky angel

    huahhhh.. me 2..me 2!! i love kakashi 2.iris..tingginye imagination.hahahha

  • pinky angel

    ah beng!

    lu keji punya kuceng..lu tgk hentai kaa??!!

  • RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla

    no other character turns me on like sabaku no GAARA!
    red head....he spells "Ai" or love on his forehead...and he's a BAD boy!!!!

  • pinky angel

    go gaaralandomhatsofamila!!! hahahaaa..kakashi is still da best. Mystery man gak yg macho.

    I'm downloading Full Metal Panic Fumoffu rite now. Dah 2 ari PC tak tutup..

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