Monday, 28 November 2005

how 2 make a good blog

i'm trying 2 write my blog in english tp kalo ada grammatical errors here and there + unsur2 'rojakness' juz ignore it ok? hehe.. ~ i realize dat my english is so teruk + mcm Phua Chu Kang nye English..maybe sbb dulu i was a Convent gurl (3 org je melayu in my class. the rest are chineese). Ckp english pun tunggang terbalik. At the end of my words mesti ada perkataan "laa..".
eg: "i'm hungry laa.." "u r very cute laa.." "whatever laa.."

Ok..back to my point here. "how 2 make a good blog". I'm juz sharing my opinion here.. Pliz add some points if u think of any

1. Readable. (don't use small fonts + crowded background + very colourful) sakit matalaa!!!!
2. blog wif white background + black fonts is a gud example.. (like mine. hehehee..)
3. make sure readers can add their comments/contact u (kuciwa if u bumped into 1 gud blog but u can do nothing bout it)
4. don't put too much 'blink2' or other attractions in ur blog if u want ppl 2 read ur blog, bkn sibuk klik kat benda2 lain kat tepi tu.. (tekankan maksud SIMPLE kat sini)
5. write bout something more 'universal'.. (ur opinion bout something, wut u observe , interesting links.. etc..etc..etc..)
6. put some 'crazy element' in ur blog (ah beng's blog is a gud example here)
7. put some photos related 2 ur topic (don't put to much photos. can cause lag! sianla pd user dial up..)
8. u can keep ur blog anonymous. bak kata brother Bat, "The truth is, I pakai topeng nih sebab nak nampak mysterious sikit. Senang nak pikap chickas. Pompuan, they're a sucker for mystery man" (source : 'klik sini' )
9. keep thinking wut 2 write in ur blog anytime, anywhere, every secs, record every conversations u have in ur mind (bloginson syndrome..again..)
10. make sure u r a good writer!! (big advantage if u got the 'x-factor' value mcm Mawi/ah beng)

hmm.. nak tmbh apa2 lg? sila..sila..

how 2 make sure ur blog is an example of a gud blog??

**give ur blog

1~3 stars when u got 0-5 readers comment(s) per entry (esp 4 beginners)
3~5 stars for 6-10 comments per entry
6~10 stars for 10-20 comments
SUPERstars for 21 comments and above


17 stalker (s):

  • mental muz

    sendiri punya comment kira tak ? if kira i want to spam my comment section neh *muz gile bintang*

  • pinky angel


    kire if u wanna be muzgilebintang

    cptnye bg komen!br je brp minit yg lps me update.silakomen byk2 supaya saya menjadi SUPERstar.. ngahahhahaha

  • RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla

    keep up with improving english..
    a good effort and blogging is certainly a medium...(mine's not any good ... but we're all trying to improve aren't we?)...

    i think the most effective way of writing a blog is to serve it's purpose ...we need to have a definition of the blog before focusing on the content...

    example..some blogs are meant for public the topics of posts are mostly general and widely observed....cth terbaik (wongahbeng la)...
    some are meant for personal purposes...somewhat like an online journal..(like mine)..hehe...topics are mostly personal experiences or daily ramblings...
    some might just write beautiful poems in their blog...
    so on ways of really could be could be hillarious and rojak2....
    some uses rethorical words( these are good for intellectual purposes...but it's not so much recommended if it's for public better be simple subtle order to convey your message to others...not everybody is an open dictionary..)

    banyak lagi boleh comment..but i don't want to outstand your post..hahaha..i might blog in our casaheaven about it..hheheh

  • Wong Ah Beng

    wallauwey...Jikalau ikut lu punya standard, wa sikalang sulah jadik supastah.. hohoho masyiak hati suka..

  • pinky angel

    nina a.k.a fuzz
    keep on blogging.hehe..

    ah beng
    u r a supastah..dats y we love u.. hahaha...muahhss..muahhsss...

  • la femme √©crivain

    erggh..tak larat nk worry about how many stars i get..
    after so many blogs that i've read, i have no energy for my own..sigh...

  • mizzLeli

    write in enGlish?
    the only reason why i would write in enGlish is becoz i'm takinG an enGlish course.
    kalau tak..
    janGan harap la..

  • bertique

    interesting topic you have here.

    as for me, i blog for myself. hehe so i dont really care about how many comments that i'll rec'd after i'd posted an entry.

    although, some might say - the more comments you rec'd = the more visitors/virtual friends that you have. there's some truth in it as well.

    so it's boils back to your early intention of having a blog. was it for you, or for someone else.

    sehingga berjumpa lagi adik-adik ;)


  • aikly

    amboi2x..rajin sungguh ko mengupdate ekk makcik!mesti idea mencurah-curah dikala kebosanan tak start kelas lagikan? kann?

    aku lebih rajin membaca dr mencoret. hermm, dun't know why. masa tetap ada. idea pun ada. but..mendiamkan diri adalah yg terbaik wat pada masa ini, walaupun aku jarang komen kat blog ko, tiap2 hari aku pasti akan baca blog ko!
    lappp u ! mmuahhhhh

  • pinky angel

    la femme
    do not give up.try harder. (mcm rancangan motivasi lak)hahahhaa...

    leli kambenk
    mbeeeekkkk....(only u can understand dat) hehehe...

  • pinky angel

    yeah...ur rite!

    p/s: u should learn how to be a good commenter from bertique n nina.

    gue cuti smpi akhir disember.jgn jeles!!
    tenkiu.. i lap u too..muaahhss

  • bertique

    haha good commenter ek??

    mana ada .. komen semua unedited - apa yg terlintas di minda, terdetik dihati di lahirkan melalui tangan + komputer ke ruang komentar nih

    hu hu

  • X-Eyed Jules

    thanx for the tips, cikgu. Semua boleh pakai. I will print the list out and paste it next to my pc.

  • RojakBuah

    english ke, Malay ke same je. Yg penting serve the purpose..bak kata Randomheart..panjang..nk sebut payah..hehe

  • zuhri

    most important i think, when u write, it must come from your heart. then ur readers would be able to feel u, touch u and relate to u. feeling gitu

  • pinky angel


    x-eyed jules
    bagus..bagus.. reach for the stars! hahahaa

  • pinky angel

    pendekkan..(versi ahbeng) landomhatsofamila..hehe..
    i'm trying to improve my english here

    yep..yepp..hmmp..betul tu. feeling gitu!!

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