Saturday, 21 June 2008

Updates.. (after some short laaazy break)

After failing some few attempts to update this diary (click on 'add new entry' & just leave it blank for 1 whole day hoping that it will automatically absorb what inside my brain & updating itself), I finally get my lazy ass to TYPE something here. pheww.. atlast..

hurmm.. where should I start?

14th May 2008

Disaster. My dear laptop crashed. I accidentally dropped it. It's the table's fault! Can I sue the table's manufacturer for providing such a bad product like that? Why didn't they mount the glass properly into the table's frame?

I spent my days doing useless things.. wondering around the house like crazy. Watch every stupid shows on the TV, bought story books from the charity shop & finished reading 568 pages in 1 day.. I realize that internet & laptop is everything to me. I will go nuts if I can't go online more than 1 week. It's true.. believe me!

I hate Twinhead Malaysia! 

It's still under warranty but I knew that there is NO service center for Twinhead in the UK. The nearest is France. When I mailed them about my problem,  I received a reply, "There's no cervice center in UK". That's all?

I already knew that!! Didn't solve my problem at all. 


Let me share with you about my journey from East to West England (Norwich - Manchester - Liverpool - Birmingham)

Nah.. too long to write. Maybe just some summary so that I won't forget that experience. Photo blogging would be the best way to explain it. 

24 May 2008 (Saturday)

Depart from Norwich. Stop at Hope Valley, Peak District to enjoy the breathtaking green scenery from Peveril Castle. 

.. continue our journey to Manchester. Old Trafford, the Theater of Dreams. We are not really a Red Devil fan, but it's great to be here at this legendary stadium, maybe.. once in a lifetime. We met a lot of Malaysian there & suddenly I felt like home because I can hear Malay language spoken everywhere. I guess a lot of Malaysian love MU.. is it? 

25th May 2008

We went the the West side of England, Liverpool. Our 1st destination was the Anfield Stadium. I love the phrase at their logo, " You'll never walk alone". 

.. straight to Albert Dock, 1 of the main tourist attraction in Liverpool. Wondering around Liverpool city and really enjoy the colorful & lively street there. There were street performance everywhere.. entertainers, clowns, dancers.. 

26th May 2008

On our way back to Norwich. Stop at Birmingham. Enjoy walking at The Canal to Birmingham city center. Huge shopping area, but the weather was not very good & too windy.

Arrived at Norwich around 7pm that day. Fell sick for about 1 week after that. 

I'm exhausted & dying without my laptop. 

Ok, let's look about the bright sight.. I got a new Toshiba laptop from Teddy! hehe.. It's the best medicine I ever had. Thanks cayang.. I yeb yu.. muahss..muahss..!!

Owh.. and as a result from my sickness, I lost about 3-4 kg's of my weight. 

21st June 2008 

I'm all alone. Going to be alone for more than 1 week. Teddy went to Spain to test the new Lotus car performance. Already miss him.. 

Take care! Balik cepat2 bawa suvenier tau..

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  • tujuhhariseminggu

    Seronok seh...
    Ngan Teddy plak tuh...
    Nak ikut...

    Tapi, x der Teddy pulak...

  • lily lotus

    nice pic ;)
    nice blog ;)


  • pinky angel

    mari..mari.. mari kita berjalan2.
    sila lantik org lain jd teddy anda ok? hehe

    lily lotus


  • Joy

    Hi Pinky! I've only just read your comment on my Norwich Daily Photo blog. It's so funny that I didn't even tell a single soul about the ITV film and then the next day people told me they've seen it! :-)

    Thanks for watching it. I didn't even watch it myself coz it was on way past my bedtime, so I just watched it online via ITV's website.

    How did you go to the Peak District? Did you drive?

  • pinky angel

    Great stories anyway. I never know Philippine has a beautiful, clear blue beach like that! Really amazed me..

    Peak District? yeah, we drive there. It's actually just on our way to Manchester & we decided to drop by. Really worth it! There's Robin hood forest nearby also..

  • gravtkills

    pegi test lotus tak dapat lotus sekali ke?

  • pinky angel


    kalau tiap kali test dapat free sebijik kete, kene sewa 1 tapak parking khas besar mcm tesco untuk semua kete2 tu.. hehe..

  • afs

    " You'll never walk alone "
    sangat menarik!!! nak ikutttttt....

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