Saturday, 12 July 2008

Oh Happy Days..

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Lord Mayor Celebration at Norwich city center. It was a colourful and lively street all day long. I guess I'm more than lucky to celebrate it with all the citizens here.

I will never forget how fun it was to try the folk dance in the middle of Norwich street. It was great! I will never forget the feeling I felt inside me every time when I start moving along with the music beat.. I used to be a traditional dancer & I love every memory I had as a dancer.

Fun Fair at Chappelfield Garden

I really enjoy the big crowd & cheerful fun fair lights. There were a lot of games to try on. We managed to get 2 lovely soft toys!

..and I will never forget the bright and breathtaking view of fireworks from on top of the Norwich Castle.. 2 more months to go and I know that I will miss this place for sure!!

It's time to break the news..

I'm gonna have a baby!! My baby will be due around end of January 2009 and might be sharing this important date with my dear friend, Maisarah..

Looking forward to meet you, my little one!

9 stalker (s):

  • tujuhhariseminggu

    ngandung eh?
    wah, jadi pakcik lah gue...

  • Cik Puan Muda Stress


    congrats babe!!

    i'm sure you both are the happiest person on earth sekarang kan?


  • lily lotus

    alhamdulillah..u gonna have a jr.!
    take care yer...


  • pinky angel

    slmt menjadi pakcik yg baik..hehe

    thanks babe.. ;)

    lily lotus

  • budak kechik

    1st: congrats altho aku dah lama tau. yes, i know how freaky it can be to newly weds plus i dun think u planned to have ur own lil family this soon. but babe, rezeki dr Allah ni. terima dgn hati yg redha ok?

    2nd: since when u can write something up beautifully in english? i envy u on this. sejak aku keje sini, english aku tahap crap okeh? shesssh..

    3rd: cant wait to see u with that baby bump. mesti comel. dah jgn down sgt, aku fhm prsn ko bile down eventhough im not even preggy yet. heck, im not even married! hahaha. tapi aku memahami prsn bila hormon menggila. sucks big time, agree on that.

    4th: kem slm suami ko yg laksana kembar ko tu. hehehe. mesti anak ko muka SECETAK la. hehehe.

  • RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla

    wuttt...nampak ruba bentuk dah!...

  • pinky angel

    budak kecik yg tak brapa kecik

    1st - alhamdulillah..ada gak org yg memahami aku ni.. hehe..

    2nd - I'm still learning babe. Ur english is much2 better than me. Forgive me kalo nmpk grammar terabur every where. hehe..

    3rd - lg skali, maceh la sgt sbb memahami. Bukan hormon je, aku pun dh nak gila skang ni.. Baby bump buat aku risau. Jeans tak muat nnti kene jalan2 pakai sluar track ke?

    4th - insya allah. Hope nnti dpt baby ada dimple mcm dia. hehe..

    yep, yep! ada rupa isa tak? hehe..

  • RaNdoMHEarTsOfArMylla

    rupa ape?...rupe detail2 tu aku tak tau la kan...hanya ko he tau..mwahhhahahaha

  • pinky angel

    ala faz.. kitorg nnti takyah gado baby tu ikut muka siapa. hehe.. kalo mata sepet, idung besar tu muka isa la.. hahahhaa..

    jgn mata biru dahla. risau isa karang..hehehe

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