Monday, 28 July 2008

Strawberry farm, new sandal & truck attack

Saturday (26 July 2008)

We went to a PYO (Pick Your Own) farm near Lotus cars Ltd, Norwich. We had a great time picking the strawberries. They were small and not in a perfect shape (like the one sold in supermarket) but they were sweet and delicious!

Summer sales at Clark! Grab a pair of hot pink sandal for £20.. Yes, I'm a pink freak.

Sunday (27 July 2008)

Went to Donington Park Circuit (near Leicester) to see the Truck Attack. It was very unusual to see a race between big monsters like that. I'd love to see more but unfortunately I can't handle the weather. It was too hot and I'm almost fainted because of the sun. My body is still too weak to stand that kind of pressure.

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