Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Another journey to remember

Last Saturday (19th July 2008), Teddy, me and Eli (Teddy's colleague) went to the Great Yarmouth. We passed by an old wind turbine (didn't manage to get the picture) with a wonderful country sight background along the way there.

It's already summer, but I'm still shivering with cold. I can't help myself from missing the nice, hot & sunny weather in my hometown, Malaysia. My body still can't cope with this British weather.

Great Yarmouth is a lovely, clean beach with so many attractions. A lot of gambling and gaming machine along the road, just like Genting Highland in Malaysia. With this kind of unpredictable weather.. you can't really enjoy the beach. That's why you can choose to accompany yourself with other interesting activities here.

Sunday (20th July 2008), we went to the Snetterton Circuit for the Lotus Celebration day. There were four races for the Lotus on Track Elise Trophy. Support races include the magnificent GT Cup, with nearly 30 supercars including Ferrari, Porsches and Aston Martin. It was a dramatic race since there were a lot of accidents involving a lot of cars that day. Oh yes, I screamed when 2 Feraris crash in front of my eyes. This racers must be crazy, rich people with nothing to do with their money I guess.. And the winner was a Bimmer! Congrats to the driver.. who ever you are.. hehe..

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