Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy (belated) birthday

Dear Diary..

Happy belated 6th birthday to you.
Wow, 6 years!
16th April 2005-2011.
You have been very loyal to me.
Thank you.

Not to forget
all 16th April babies around the world
and that include my sister, Ilyani
and my brother in law, Adi
and my friends.. Yee Chuan, Aileen & Syahir
and I just knew that my hubby's friend, Sias also born on the same day
as mine.

Happy Birthday to us!

Sorry for the late birthday wish.

I was back at my hometown, Batu Pahat for a week that time.
Didn't have any internet connection there.

When I got back here
I got a huge birthday surprise from my beloved Teddy..

A microwave!

Thank you so much, sayang..
You can read my mind. Hehehe..
Okay, I did ask for it for few (thousand)  times.
'Cap Tesco' though..
doesn't mind because I just need it for reheating the foods.
I bet nobody use it to cook anything. Do you?

6 stalker (s):

  • gembargembor

    wow, you've been blogging so long.. well, i'm newbie and i'm now blogwalking around.. hope you dont mind :D
    anyways, happy birthday y'all :D

  • afs

    cik, saya pernah grill burger dlm microwave saya :D

  • ayushamza

    yeah, dpt gadget utk kitchen, i like..!
    aku rasa da wish, ni nk wish lg, hihihi, selamat ari jadik..

  • Pinky Angel

    thanks for the bday wish and happy blogwalking to u! :) do come again here..

    wah, ye ke cik? ajar sket.. tak kering ke burger itu?

    tenkiu2.. :)

  • afs

    burger sgt sedap...x kering. mcm makan burger kat abg jual bege. hehe

  • Pinky Angel

    20 min utk tggu burger siap? haihh.. lamanya cik. smpt lapa. saya goreng kt kuali kejap je. hehehe

    cik punya microwave oven. mahal punya. byk function. msk kuih raya pun bole. saya nye ni murah punya. msk apa2 kang kering.

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