Sunday, 18 March 2012

1st baby step - Elise

I owe you so much, dear Diary..

I missed writing so many great events happening around me.
I honestly think I need to do other things that seems more important than writing a blog.
I am sure I will regret this 1 day, when I desperately digging this blog to find something good to remember.
Truly sorry.

I forced myself to write this up because this is crucial for me to remember.

Elise has taken her 1st step yesterday - 17 March 20012.

In another 5 days, she'll turn 1.

She has 4 teeths n another 1 is coming out from her upper gum.
She loves books and will drag my hand to ask me to read it to her.
My Little Lotus is a bright little lady.
Mommy loves you so much dear darling..

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