Sunday, 25 March 2012

Happy 1st Birthday! - Elise

22nd March 2011 ~ 2012.

It has been a year now.
Happy 1st birthday, my dear girl..

My Little Lotus has taken her 1st, 5 little steps on her birthday.
What a great achievement!

She now can stand on her own for few seconds 
(until she realize that she's not holding onto something).
Has 5 sharp teeths,
loves books,
will shout with a high pitch voice when she's excited/happy,
and I call her an ultimate eating machine
as she always mouth everything.
Never say no to food.

Knows what she wants and communicate with me with her baby signs. 
(Took my hand & put it on something)
For example, if she wants me to read her a book, 
she'll drag my hand and put it on top of the book she chosen.

What a bright little girl she is..

Make us proud, young lady!
We love you so much..

Flash back to 1 year ago..

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