Thursday, 14 July 2011


This one and a half year wait is finally over.
What a great reward for being patient.
I finally got what I want the most.
My number 1 priority in my wishlist.
A new gadget.

No, no..
I'm not bragging about my new phone.
I blog about it because it is something great to remember.

Money has been so tight these days,
especially after we moved in our new casa.
It took us about one year to bounce back..

We did survived,
with a few hiccups along the way.

Thank you so much dear husband.
Thank you for your patience..
Thank you for being the greatest husband in the world.

Thank you for this Galaxy SL.
I promise I'll stop stalking
on that website everyday.

I'll only stalk on Dell website later on.
Inspiron One maybe?
Next year it's going to be cheaper
and of course, much-much better.

For now
I am more than happy to play with my new toy.
Android world offers me a lot of great things to explore.
Rooted and eager to do more!

7 stalker (s):

  • syafisyifa'

    Wah Besnya.pejah tak brapa reti sgt gajet2 cam seronok tgok org Pakai benda tu.hihi

  • Pinky Angel

    tak reti jugak. tp berkobar2 nak blaja. hehe

  • lily lotus

    so happy for you dear ;) jaga barang tu leklok..hehe

  • Rai

    wahh..congratz dear..jangan sampai little teddy dan little lotus yummy your new gadget sudah la.. ada yg membawa diri ke gua batu belah nanti..hehe..

  • saifurudin

    aku rase baik ko stalker sony ... lg bgs ... board die x cepat panas mcm dell ...

  • Mama Amni

    ilyana.. best ek galaxy sl? mane lg best ek sl ke s???

  • Pinky Angel

    sis lily,
    thanks.. biasanya brg yg susah kita nk dpt tu kita akan appreciate more.

    aaa..kejenya skang berebut ngan budak kimi tu je. dia sibuk mau men game.

    sony mahal. aku rasa aku bole dpt smthing yg lg higher spec dgn harga yg sony offer dgn brand lain.ko sponsor bole?

    mama amni,
    S lagi best. harga pun beza smpi sribu+/-.. tgk budget la kot. :)

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