Sunday, 24 July 2011


My MIL's house at Rasa, Selangor.

(testing raw images from my phone)

Little living dumbbell.

Daddy's little boy.

Blurry lens. 
Forgot to clean the fingerprints first!

macro.. quite nice huh?

My michelin.

My all time favourite.

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10 stalker (s):

  • SurayaHarris

    ahhhhh..rindu KKB..

  • izzatizamburi :)

    ahhh PAU YIK MUN!
    setiap kali nak balek kg kat KKB,wajib singgah beli! :D

  • Pinky Angel

    hehe..damai je kan tmpt tu?

    gebu pau tu! hehe..sekampung la kita ek

  • syafisyifa'

    Besnye lik kmpung

  • Queen

    wow...tembamm..rasa nk geget2 je

  • Pinky Angel


    geget sufiyyah tu k..hehe

  • Syed

    Yes, do continue doing those experimental shots. You'll get awesome photos for sure.

    Then later buat black and white prints and gantung kat your house's wall. Will look very cool, nostalgic and it'll be a family treasure :).

  • Pinky Angel

    thanks! malu la..kamera henset je pun. mana nak dpt awesome pics :)

  • Syed

    Ehh... bukan camera yg penting. Yg penting photographer tu. Lagi pun shoot using camera phone the photos will look more natural, more real. And the blur2 [due to finger prints] tu actually quite artistic. Nampak cam dreamy, right? :)

  • Pinky Angel

    hahaha.. u r right! nmpk mcm dreamy effect pdhal my sons fingerprints all over that phone..

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