Monday, 10 April 2006

Dear Diary..

i got so much to tell you.. dunno where to start. Last Thursday, viva. Everything's going on very well ~ i successfully convince everyone including my lecturers that i have completed my thesis 100%. (Actually it's 80% finished) Everyone seems to believe me coz i have the confidence while delivering my presentation with interesting video (thanx 2 nina 4 being my 'testing model').

Friday morning, i went to Nilai for my 1st job interview. Emerson Process Management. Once again everything seems so perfect that i didn't even feel even 1 butterfly in my stomach.

10am, i'm back in UKM. Went to my department (electrical department) farewell party. (party??)
Ntahla..ada makan2 sket. Yang penting, mkn free.. and yess, Fiza ~ it has been sooo long we haven't eat plenty of delicious food like that.. (breakfast nasi lemak RM1/Lunch maggi mee/dinner nasi bungkus kolej RM1)

12pm ~ watching anime @ bilik shamil. Got a phone call from mama..

"Bebek dah tak ada.. Balik cepat, nak kebumikan sebelum maghrib. Bagitau kakak skali"

I got the news, call my sister and ready to go home immediately. Sehelai sepinggang. I manage to hold my tears until Shamil ask me what happen.

Sampai rumah kul 8pm. $^#%@@! punya bas transnational!! I'll never take that bus again. delay 1 hour. Tak sempat.. Tak sempat jumpa Bebek 4 the last time. Never got the chance to kiss him goodbye..

No, i didn't cry..

I'm glad he's gone in a peaceful way. Mama kata bebek meninggal dalam keadaan qiam, kedua belah tangan sedia di perut, kaki lurus dirapatkan. Macam dah sedia dan tau dah sampai masanya..

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  • CarolAnn(Nur Hidayaah)

    a loss is always painful in some ways, like ida said. but life goes on. always be thankful u know ur parents and grandparents. Alhamdulillah.

    wished a long time ago i knew whose mine were, but i\'ve given up on tat..all 3 of us. like i said Pinky, life goes on. Wish u all da best in ur interviews.

  • CarolAnn(Nur Hidayaah)

    & now u know a TWO secrets of mine, be converting soon Pinky, wish me luck too.

  • Yana

    Hi Yun
    Gd to know u okie too. thanks for droppin in too. Pain can only be felt by da person himself/herself. But wish u all da best

    think u know wad carol means on da 1st post;) da second secret..or post..err, well, i guess welcome a new sister to Islam, Alhamdulillah.

  • Mazlan

    Sampai rumah kul 8pm. $^#%@@! punya bas transnational!!

    U must hve been really pissed off :)

    & sorry for yr loss, btw

  • CarolAnn(Nur Hidayaah)

    Yun, dun cry pls when u did read mine. Feel happy for me sister :)

  • pinky angel



    thanx sis..

    carol again hehe..

    yep..welcome to our new sister to Islam..nur hidayah..

    u bet.

    i really want to hijac dat bus and paksa the driver to drive faster.
    but all i can do is sleep so that i wont be thinking anything stupid.

    thanx..gimme ur shoulder pliz

    yep..i've leave comments in ur post dear..

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