Saturday, 27 November 2010

Few things I'm going to miss..

I feel like blogging in English today.
Not sure if my English is still 'there'.
Never use that language in ages.
Cikgu Sue, as an English teacher (teaching SPM students next year? wuhooo...)
please correct my writing especially with that grammar part. Hehe..

This Sunday will be our last day here.
We have been living in this rented house for more than a year now.

This house is 'nearly perfect' for the three of us.
Great location, good size, and a lot of accommodations here.
(Shop lots, clinic, more than a dozen food stalls to choose, schools, police station, etc..)
The only problem is just that it's not ours.

We moved here in the mid of July 2009.
Surely there are a lot of memories about this house to remember.
I don't want to forget few things..
Please treasure this memories, okay diary?

I love..

the beautiful public park just around the corner of my house.
we used to take a walk around that park almost every evening,

fed the fish in the pond,

and took a lot of pictures there..

the fact that it's our first, landed home.
Still remember the craziness and all the effort we took
to transform our small yard in front of our house
to a pretty little garden.

Although at last it just turn out to be a land of bushes
because we just didn't have time to properly manage the land.

the big space offered by a double-storey terrace house.

Before that we've been living in a very small, cramp, noisy apartment.
Not enough space for our growing baby to move freely.
We have our own stairs in our own house! Yeayy..

the fully-established and well-maintained residential area.
This house was built around 20 years ago
and no wonder it has almost everything around it.
Teddy going to miss walking to the mosque during Friday prayer.
..and also the night market selling foods we love every Monday evening 
is just a walking distance.

the stall selling yummy breakfast every morning
just behind the row of our house.
Although I hate the 'Makcik kerek' or rude seller
who hardly put a smile on her face,
or even care to say 'Thank you' to her customer..
but I can't help myself from missing the sinful, oily fried bihun mixed with noodle.
Spicy sambal and fried, half cooked egg added to fulfill my lusts.

..During mid-day
the breakfast stall will be selling something else
Fried bananas, keropok lekor (fish crackers) and coconut drinks.
Perfect snack for a hot and sunny days.

Sometimes I will bring Teddy Jr. for a walk to that stall,
bought something to eat
and have a picnic below the shady trees at the park
..just the two of us.

Owh.. how much I'm going to miss that.

After this I might need to drive a few kilometers (8 km to be exact),
when ever I crave for that crunchy keropok lekor,
or sweet fried bananas complete with 'sambal kicap'
(dipping sweet and spicy sauce made from soy sauce and hot chillies)
which, as Johorian.. I approve as a good sambal kicap although it's a bit runny.

Talking about food,
there will be a very long list I need to write here..
I hope that it's not something I'm going to miss,
since it's still can be considered as an acceptable distance
for us to drive and come again around here
anytime if hunger calls.

Last but not least..
I'm going to miss the homey,
safe-environment this house has to offer
for more than a year to our family..
I hope we can always have that kind of feeling
at our new home
as soon as we move in there.

Will update more about the new home.
Our own, first house..

p/s : The last time we moved out to a new home, I spent about a fortnight or boredom, 'streamyxless'. Hope that I will survive that stage again this time.

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