Monday, 29 November 2010

Teaser - La prima Casa..

Let me introduce you to our new home.
I made these 2 designs using photoshop.
Will update the real pictures once I get connected again.
(By the way, this is a schedule post.. hehe)

More 3D rendering..
it's not perfect since I'm just too lazy to draw it properly.

4 stalker (s):

  • Queen

    good effort

  • ayushamza

    nanti if da buat house-warming, jangan lupe jemput kami ye, hihihi...

  • Mimi

    cantik yunx..suka purple..tiru boleh..hahahaha

  • Pinky Angel

    thanks.. :)

    housecooling adala..hehe.. kami bankrap dah. xmampu nak buat party besar2an.kalo nak dtg, pintu sntiasa terbuka.. tp kami sorong air kosong. ok?hehe

    tq..bole2. aku dpt komisyen x?hehe

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