Monday, 22 August 2011

5 months old - Elise

My Little Lotus, Elise is 5 months old today.

Weight : 6.6kg
(I told you she lost some weight..)


- rolls over back and forth.
- moves forward and backward.
-starts to lift her butt and shoulder to crawl.
- this mommy's little girl has separation anxiety when I'm not around.
- mouth everything within reach.
- recognizes her name.

It's been a while I didn't blog about Teddy Jr.
The biggest 'baby achievements' seems over after he started his first step.
Actually no. That is not the case.
He grew so fast and his brains develops rapidly.
Too much achievements for me to record.
His speech abilities seems getting better that he now can have a conversation over the phone.

My Teddy Jr. always make me proud.
He is a great and loving little brother.
He will not do anything that make his sister hurt.

Now our little casa always filled with laughter.
Sometimes with shouting then followed with loud crying.
Happening. Made me 'pening'.. hehe..
but that made my heart always warm with people I love.

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