Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Kuantan (part 4 - final)

As promised.. here I am, blogging about the final part of our trip.

Here are the list of my previous entry..

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.

Last picture before check out hotel.

After check out, we went for a walk at Kuantan riverside.

Then we head to Ayuni's new crib.
It was cosy and lovely. Simple with modern design.
I love it!

Kimi and Fea. They both look so cute playing together!

From left : My ex, my future daughter in law, my best friend - Ayuni, me,
my daughter, my son and my other half..

Did I just said 'my ex'? hehe.. Yes, it's true. Sorry for hiding this from you, my dear diary. 

Somehow I think I got the talent to erase any sort of my bad memories.
I kept it away at the deepest place and not within reach.

It happened so long ago. Now he's no more than my best friend's husband.
Thanks to him I got to know Ayuni.
I love her and glad that she is one of my BFF.
She's the one that stay by my side during my ups and down.

At first it all started with hatred and lots of tears being shed.
..but later on I began to accept that things happen for a reason.
I learned a lot and started to bounce back.

After all, I consider myself very lucky
to find someone like Teddy to love me for the rest of my life.

You just need to kiss a few wrong frogs before you find the one that will turned out to be your prince charming. 

See? My life is a fairy tale. Or maybe I'm just the type that love to build castles in the air. :p

6 stalker (s):

  • syafisyifa'

    Wah mmg betul2 cantik la si yana.
    Ya btul tu,apa yg berlaku ada sbb n hikmahnya.apa yg kita ada skarang adalah yg terbaik

  • Pinky Angel

    err..cantik apanya pejah. selekeh je tu. hahaha.. betul2. sokong. alhamdulillah.. :)

  • Nur Ayuni

    Allah Maha Kuasa.. Jodoh di tanganNya.. yang pasti.. kau dh dpt d best.. aku pun harap mcm tu la.. anyway, bersyukur dpt knal ko.. smpai zaki bnyk kali tanye.. "eh, mcm mana u leh close ngn yana ek???" honestly, aku dh lupa.. sbb friendship is something that is built upon trust n respect.. that's how we were, we are n we weill be.. insya allah.. dtg lagi kuantan weyyyy!!!

  • Pinky Angel

    aku pun xigt camne kita leh rapat. hahaha.. yg aku tau, aku suka kwn ngan ko. tu je. hehe..

    insya alllah.. mmg best kuantan. nak dtg sana lg mkn nasi beriani ayuni. hehe

  • Syed

    Omg... that close up photo with the 4 of you is so nice. Frame it, I'd say :)

  • Pinky Angel

    really? pki camera phone je tu, amek gmbr sndri. susah payah nak adjust bagi masuk 4-4 org. hehehe.. thanks!

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