Monday, 15 August 2011

Milestone - Elise

My Little Lotus will be 5 months old next week.

She already started to 'move forward' yesterday.
Not yet crawling but that made me aware that she's now more mobile
and can't just simply put her anywhere without guardian.

She develops her own personalities now.

1. Independent - she didn't rely on me nursing her or anyone rocking her to bed. She will drift off to sleep when ever she's sleepy. 

2. Gets distracted easily. It's getting harder for me to nurse her as she move around so much now. She'll roll over to her tummy, kicks me, smiles when our eyes meet and turn her head to any sound she hear.

3. She's getting better in expressing her emotions. More laughter especially when I tickle her belly and underarms. She laughs when she saw her brother jumping around the house or playing with toy guns. I love to play the 'kissing game' with her flawless, soft cheeks and sometimes she'll try to avoid my kiss. 

4. I can see her delighted face and bright little eyes when I came near her (especially when she got cranky in her Daddy's arms). She is mommy's little girl after all.. Hehe..

5. Her weight seems to drop due to her eagerness to explore the world around her and less nursing time. She hates to be forced to nurse and will bite me if I try to. Nothing to worry since it is normal for a healthy, active baby like her. As long as I make sure she did not dehydrated and offer her to nurse more often. 

6. She sleeps on her tummy and fingers in her mouth (although I try to turn her around few times without luck and will still end up with that position). 

7. She started to grab things and will 'move forward' to things she wants. 

8. Knows her name.

3 stalker (s):

  • Rai

    ya allah..geramnya tengok lengan elise..mcm nak gigit2 je.. mata hitam besar..hehehe..

  • syafisyifa'


  • Pinky Angel

    skang dah start kurus dah. pipi dah tak labuh mcm dulu.

    hahahaa.. go fatini, go!

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