Wednesday, 14 September 2005

do not disturb me

bz, ter sgt la bz.. tp aku nk gak menulis kat sini

mlm ni,target..

buat asignment EM - Smith Chart
progress report utk tesis

esok pg - (harap2 bgn pg la..) study radio satelit
ptg - ( x kan nk ponteng klas lg?? huhuhuuu...)
mlm - prepare utk presentation 1st viva + study, study, study!!!!!

jumaat pg (8am) - xm radio satelit
ptg (2.45pm - DK 1) - present

balik BP!!!!

sabtu - mai kawen

ahad - blk bangi

isnin/rabu - gamelan utk konvo

jumaat - xm data comm

huarggghhhhh!!!!!! tekanan jiwee....

p/s : 14 sept arini.. genap setaun aku eksiden pth tgn thn lps..

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