Saturday, 16 April 2005

i hate b'day..

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16th April.. i'm 22..
i hate b'day..

y i hate my b'day??coz i know..something bad gonna happen on dat day..
it's like a curse..dunno.. astaghfirullah..

feeling very down rite now..
feeling empty inside..
i dont know wut 2 do..pasrah maybe juz da best way to handle everything.
but it's juz 2 much 4 me..i really had enuff of dis..

it's my bday..he gave me a special gift.
set of 'combo' - a nice ADIDAS watch and a broke up msg..
thanx syg..

really2 dun know wut 2 do..rasanye mcm hancur berkecai suma..
my entire dreams and hope

i still love him so much, no matter wut..
i never want him 2 go away.still need him..

maybe dis is juz a game of LIFE..
help me to get up n continue my journey..

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