Wednesday, 21 July 2010

(Fake) HDR using Photoshop - Step by step picture guide

Note : This is taken from my other blog here..

I notice that my blog traffic increased from my previous HDR tutorial here. Nothing to brag about but I'm glad if that writing helps a lot of people. I just want to share something that I know to the world. Sharing is caring, right? Furthermore.. I treat this as a small reminder for me. My own note since I am having the short-term memory loss syndrome lately. Yeah, I know.. I'm getting 'younger' by days..

So, here it goes..

Another (fake) HDR tutorial. This time using Photoshop.
(The reason I call it 'FAKE' because you will only achieve the real HDR images using DSLR or a camera that it's exposure setting can manually be adjusted. Please ask Mr. Google for more info.)

1. Open your image in Photoshop.
2. Press ctrl + j to duplicate your layer. (You can either right click on it and choose duplicate layer)
3. Go to image --> adjustments --> shadow/highlight

Enter this value

shadows amount : 50%, tonal width 45%, radius 44px
High-light amount : 67%, tonal width 65%, radius 46px

4. ctrl + j again to duplicate that layer.
5. Set the new layer to 'Color dodge'
6. ctrl + j (again) to duplicate that current layer you are working on.
7. Set the new layer to 'Linear burn'.

Now is the trickier part. For those who are new to Photoshop, here I put some picture guide, step-by-step so that you can follow exactly what I'm trying to say here.

8. Set foreground colour to black. You can achieve that by clicking on the upper box and choose the colour.

9. Go to Select --> color range. Type 100 inside the box for fuzziness. Press OK.
10. Go to your layer window and click on the add layer mask button. Refer to the picture below.

11. It will create a mask beside your layer like this;

12. Click on that mask (mask! Not on the picture..) and go to Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur.
Adjust the value to remove the noise. Usually I use 20 pixels radius.

13. ctrl + j to duplicate that layer .

14. Set the new layer to 'overlay'.

15. Click on the mask (on that new layer) and press ctrl + i to invert it.


I know.. it's still not perfect. If everything is done correctly, you should have this layers in your layer window.

For final touch, reduce the opacity value for each layer (except Layer 1 and Background).

The result..

(This picture was taken using normal compact camera. Lumix FX55)


Good luck!

Note : Choose a non-moving object for your HDR image. i.e : scenery on cloudy day. It will create a dramatic effect to your image or and old building for more mysterious, 'gothic looks'. 

10 stalker (s):

  • Yazid Husain

    walla. semat hdr ini

  • E.d.Y

    good tutorial...kene try

  • Pinky Angel

    HDR mmg smart. bg dramatic look. sayangnya aku xde dslr nak, photoshop kan je la..hehe

    tq. silala try. dah buat nnt kasi upload kt blog k?hehe

  • lily lotus

    clap2! more please..hiks

  • Joy

    Hey! That's a picture of Norwich :)

    Great tutorial. Simple and easy to follow.

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  • Pinky Angel

    sis lily,
    takmo tulis lg kalo u xtry buat yg ni. hehe..ugut u. takut tak? hehe

    joy, got it right. my old picture collection of Norwich.

    no plan yet for the weekend. always summer here in Malaysia. sometimes too hot for any outdoor activities..

  • mama zharfan

    salam ziarah dari nottingham uk..
    photoshop ni kita kena beli ke softwarenya? me tak pernah and tak pandai guna

  • Pinky Angel

    mama zharfan,
    salam kenal. terkejut saya. Ingatkan kakak ipar saya. nama anak dia zharfan. hehe..

    photoshop ni software utk pic editing/design. mmg kena beli tp mahal teramat utk individu mcm kita. company pki bolela kot. tp dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada jalan.. ;) (dload yg free la, apa lg. hehe)

  • GAM

    Thanks for sharing these brilliant tips. This one with photoshop is too complicated for me but your Photoscape version is really easy. Thanks again.

  • Pinky Angel

    Photoshop is not an easy software to try on. It took me YEARSS.. to master it. There's always another easy option that will create similar effect like this and thanks a lot for your effort to try my tutorials..

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