Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Teddy won't be around for 1 whole day today.
Duty calls, of course.
Luckily this time he's not going to be away
for more than a month like last year.
He's just testing some new vehicle features
for higher climate environment.
So.. he will be staying at Genting for 1 night.


Let's pray that Daddy's Little Boy
won't be whining and missing his father.
Hope that I will survive this day.

p/s : I know. I'm violating my own rules for writing blog in English. Since I don't interact much with people (hello, SAHM here??) I'm afraid that 1 day I might forgot how to speak in English. So, why not loosen this rules and at the same time I can still learn how to write and speak beautifully in both languages. 

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